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The Right Income Plan

To Help you Discover and Communicate Your Retirement Income Style 

George Wealth Management introduces a new starting point for helping clients and people looking for a retirement income strategy that feels right to them.

Through years of experience, we can take you through a series of questions and a guided process that is based on academic research where we can help you get clarity about your unique style to work toward creating retirement income. 

Think of it as a counseling session between you and your retirement income plan.  At the end of the session ( generally only 30 minutes of your time), you get a clear set of results defining how you would like to source your retirement income and planning strategy that may fit your preferences.  This consultation can also help you decide on a retirement income plan that will feel right to you. 

Why is that important?

  • You are more likely to implement an income plan that is best suited to your style
  • Because this avoids costly errors and redo's
  • Best to have spouse have their own consultation so income plan addresses both styles
  • Gets yours started quickly. The sooner you implement, the better off you could be
  • And now you can enjoy your time in retirement with more important things- family, hobbies, travel-- peace.

While we believe everyone will benefit form this 30 minute consultation, generally this is who will benefit most:

  • Someone right out of college or in a job transition who wants to get an idea of a job and income structure that would suit them and give them the best opportunity to thrive.
  • Those who are 10 years from retirement
  • Those that are 10 years into retirement
  • Those how have been searching for a way to make sense of their retirement planning approach
New Life, New Skills

New Life, New Skills

You've spent years, learning how to build wealth during your career, and at this point, you're probably  pretty good at it. Yet, even after an entire career, retirement can feel so sudden. The consultation can begin building the skill of retirement. 

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A Strategy for Strategies

A Strategy for Strategies

There are so many "retirement strategies" out there. The consultation helps create a strategy for finding the one for you.

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Advisor Advice

Advisor Advice

Often, advisors are giving you advice based on their style, not yours. The consultation defines your style so you can communicate it properly- and know when someone isn't steering you the right way.

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Oil the "Old" Thinking

Oil the "Old" Thinking

Advisors are often STUCK in old thinking. They do not see the difference between accumulating assets and retirement income. The consultation helps you recognize the change in approach that is needed. 

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There is no Cost for You to Explore Your Income Style

During our visit we will ask you questions that can help you understand how you are wired to create retirement income. This process works to help give you clarity and confidence about your financial future. This consultation can help make sure your starting point feels comfortable to you so you can spend time enjoying retirement and doing what you want to do. If your starting point is not aligned to your style, your income plan could keep you from having the retirement you have dreamed about. You have spent the last 30 years accumulating, don't you think it makes sense to spend 30 minutes to get clarity on what your retirement income style looks like.   

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